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Package Deal for Wii (2x Wii Dance Mat)

Package Deal for Wii (2x Wii Dance Mat)
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Dancing games are great to make exercise fun again.
We wanted to promote the dancing games ..
So you get a killer offer on this bundle.

2x Dance Mat for Wii

(games are available seperate)

Suitable for all Wii Dancemat games
(like DDR Hottest Party 1,2,3, 4 and 5 .. and let's party)

(note : dancemats are not compatible anymore with the newest Wii model RVL-101. check the sticker on the bottom of your Wii)

Additional Information

Manufacturer MayFlash
Compatible with Wii
Foam No Foam Inserts
Dimensions 80cm x 90cm
Cable Length 1.75 m
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